Reviews for Jazzy’s Quest

jazzys-quest-adopted-amazingA Refreshing and Much Needed Look at Being An Adopted Child

As an adoptive father I applaud Carrie Goldman and Juliet Bond for their refreshing look at what it means to be an adopted child. There are too many adopted children (my daughter included) who suffer from behavioral disorders and poor self image, and in Jazzy’s age group they may not be sufficiently self aware to understand why. We need more books like Jazzy’s Quest to bring the adoption narrative out into the public eye. A vital read for any adoptive family with young children.

Great for both kids and parents in adoptive families

Finally, an early chapter book that validates what many adopted kids experience — issues with identity-building, challenges in fitting in, and the question of special-vs-different. I suspect many readers will feel a connection with heroine Jazzy, loved and supported by both her birth and adoptive families but still facing a struggle. The kids will think they’re just reading an engaging story, but the parents will know there’s so much more going on than just good kid-lit.

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